Hack Day Projects

Hack Day on Day 2 of the conference features community activities designed to connect fellow Rails developers and open source leaders in an environment that fosters collaboration and discussion. Choose between the Pitch Party, Birds of a Feather, Office Hours, or contributing to open source projects.

Pitch Party

Bring your own ideas to the Pitch Party for a more traditional “build-it-quick” Hack Day. Collect a team of fellow attendees to take your vision from Hello World to MVP.

Birds of a Feather

Whether you’re looking to chat about new Rails technologies, seek career advice, or determine the best ramen spot in Detroit, Birds of a Feather empowers discussions around attendee-curated topics. Bring your own topic, or join an existing group for dynamic, informal conversations.

Open Source Projects

Work side-by-side with notable maintainers on popular projects and pair with experienced open source contributors to make their first pull requests to Rails. We’ve got an exciting lineup of maintainers joining us from Rails Core, RubyGems, Paper Trail, Nokogiri, Noticed, Rails-LSP, Thoughtbot and more!

Rails Core

Join the Rails Core team.

Headshot of Aaron Patterson
Aaron Patterson

Rails Core, Senior Staff @ Shopify

Headshot of Eileen Uchitelle
Eileen Uchitelle

Rails Core, Senior Staff @ Shopify

Headshot of Matthew Draper
Matthew Draper

Rails Core, Staff @ Github

Headshot of Xavier Noria
Xavier Noria

Rails Core

Headshot of John Hawthorn
John Hawthorn

Ruby Core, Rails Core, Staff @ Github

Ruby Gems

The Ruby community's gem hosting service.

Headshot of Jenny Shen
Jenny Shen

Senior Developer

Headshot of Samuel Giddins
Samuel Giddins

Headshot of André Arko
André Arko

OSS Engineering Manager

Headshot of Martin Emde
Martin Emde

Open Source @ Ruby Central

Evil Martians Office Hours

Got N+1 issues? Unsure why jobs spontaneously fail? Bring any project into Office Hours for support from Rails consultancy experts.

Headshot of Irina Nazarova
Irina Nazarova

CEO @ Evil Martians

Headshot of Alexander Baygeldin
Alexander Baygeldin

Backend Engineer

Gusto Open Source

Join Gusto in hacking on their open source projects.

Project Team TBA

Noticed / Pay

Notifications for Ruby on Rails applications; Payments for Ruby on Rails apps.

Headshot of Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver

Owner of GoRails


Oaken is a new take on development and test data management for your Rails app. It blends the stability and storytelling from Fixtures with the dynamicness and helpers of FactoryBot/Fabricator.

Headshot of Kasper Timm Hansen
Kasper Timm Hansen

Creator of Oaken

Oh My Zsh

A delightful community-driven framework for managing your Zsh configuration. Swing by to meet Robby and talk shop about one of the most popular open source repos on GitHub and find out how you, too, can contribute to the project. Or just say hi!

Headshot of Robby Russell
Robby Russell

Creator @ohmyzsh, CEO of Planet Argon, Host of Maintainable.fm.

Packs And Code Ownership

Packs provides an extensible packaging system to help modularize Ruby applications. `bin/packs` makes using packs easier. A `pack` (short for `package`) is a folder of Ruby code with a `package.yml` at the root that is intended to represent a well-modularized domain. Code_ownership helps engineering teams declare ownership of code. This gem works best in large, usually monolithic code bases where many teams work together.

Headshot of Ashley Willard
Ashley Willard

Software Engineer

Headshot of Teal Stannard
Teal Stannard

Software Engineer

Headshot of Todd Sedano
Todd Sedano

Engineering Manager


Minimal authorization through OO design and pure Ruby classes

Headshot of Kim Burgestrand
Kim Burgestrand

Partner, co-founder, and developer @ Varvet

Rails Lsp

A Ruby LSP addon for Rails.

Project Team TBA

Shopify Open Source

Shopify Ruby and Rails Team is available to help and hack on all Ruby and Rails open source projects.

Headshot of Adrianna Chang
Adrianna Chang

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Alex Rocha
Alex Rocha

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Andrew Novoselac
Andrew Novoselac

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Betty Li
Betty Li

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Gabi Stefanini
Gabi Stefanini

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Gannon McGibbon
Gannon McGibbon

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of George Ma
George Ma

Shopify Engineer

Headshot of Nikita Vasilevsky
Nikita Vasilevsky

Shopify Engineer


singed makes it easy to get a flamegraph anywhere in your code base.

Headshot of Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols

Staff Software Engineer


Showcasing speakers' proposals and timelines in a effort to demystify the CFP process and help new speakers get started.

Headshot of Nadia Odunayo
Nadia Odunayo

Founder & CEO at The Storygraph

Test Prof, Action Policy, Any Cable

TestProf is a test optimization toolkit for Ruby applications; Action Policy is an authorization framework; AnyCable is a realtime server for web apps

Headshot of Vladimir Dementyev
Vladimir Dementyev

Principal Backend Engineer @ Evil Martians


Will be pairing with folks to make their first open source contributions. Thoughtbot gems (FactoryBot, shoulda_matchers, clearance, Administrate ...) will be available if they don't have another interest.

Project Team TBA