RailsConf is brought to you by the team at Ruby Central, as well as a small but dedicated corps of volunteers. While we depend on the awesomeness of the whole Ruby community to contribute to a terrific experience every year, there are a few individuals that work especially hard to produce RailsConf.

Planning Team

  • Dr. Shawntia Key Events and Communications Manager
  • Audrey Moreno Sponsorship Manager
  • Fred Yates Designer, etc.

Program Team

  • Allison McMillan Program Chair
  • Max Tiu Program Chair
  • Aisha Blake Program Committee
  • Brittany Martin Program Committee
  • Chelsea Troy Program Committee
  • Emily Giurleo Program Committee
  • Jiaqi Liu Program Committee
  • Kerri Miller Program Committee

Ruby Central, Inc.

RailsConf is organized by Ruby Central, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and advocacy of the Ruby community. Ruby Central functions as the visible presence and point of contact for this annual conference and other exciting Ruby activities.

For every year since 2006, RailsConf has been the largest gathering of Rails developers in the world, not to mention the largest gathering of Rubyists. In 2022, we’re so excited to bring the 16th edition back to Portland, one of our favorite cities, from May 17-19!