RailsConf is the world's longest running conference for Rails developers, brought together to further discussion and learning about building, managing, and testing Rails applications. With a specific focus on Rails, conference topics can range from new users to administration to advanced techniques.

Our Mission

Focused on fostering the Ruby on Rails programming language and the robust community that has sprung up around it, RailsConf brings together Rubyists, both established and new, to discuss emerging ideas, collaborate, and socialize in some of the best locations in the US.

RailsConf strives to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience for all participants. We have an anti-harassment policy that we require ALL attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff to comply with — no exceptions. We also collaborate with a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.

About Ruby Central, Inc.

RubyConf is brought to you by the small team at Ruby Central, as well as a small but dedicated group of volunteer directors and board members. Ruby Central is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and advocacy of the Ruby community. Ruby Central functions as the organizers and hosts of the annual RubyConf and RailsConf software conferences, supports community growth, and provides vital infrastructure for the Ruby programming language. ​

For several more years, the growth of the community expanded and new programming of the Ruby language was created and incorporated into the event planning. In Chicago, Illinois of 2006, Ruby Central added a new dimension to the world of Ruby conferences when they produced the first official Ruby on Rails conference, better known as RailsConf.

Our Team

RubyConf is brought to you by the team at Ruby Central, as well as a small but dedicated group of volunteers from the Ruby and Rails communities. We cannot do these conferences without them!

Ruby Central Staff

Headshot of Adarsh Pandit
Adarsh Pandit

Executive Director

Headshot of Ally Vogel
Ally Vogel

Operations Manager

Headshot of Irene Kannyo
Irene Kannyo

Marketing Manager

Headshot of Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers

Sponsorship Manager

Program Committee

Andy Croll | Co-Chair

CTO CoverageBook

Ufuk Kayserilioglu | Co-Chair

Engineering Manager at Shopify

Aji Slater

Development Team Lead at thoughtbot

Gary Tou

Engineering Manager at Hack Club

Ifat Ribon

Principal Architect at LaunchPad Lab

John K Sawers

Associate Director, Product Engineering

Julie J

Developer at Codecademy, Ruby for All co-host

Kevin Murphy

Software Developer at Pubmark

Mayra Lucia Navarro

Software Developer & WNB.rb Tech leader

Zarela Velasquez

Software Engineer at StitchFix

Scholars and Guides

Adam LaBarge


Amanda Supak


Andrew Andrea


Ashley Plasket


Ben Dixon


Chris Oliver


Collin Jilbert


Elshadai Tegegn


Eric Brooke


Erica McDevitt


Felipe Vogel


Garrett Gregor


Hilary Stohs-Krause


Jenn Cooper


John Cambefort


Kazumi Karbowski


Mae Beale


Michelle Yuen


Nick Borromeo


Noel Rappin


Sally MacNicholas


Samantha Galindo