Talmudic Gems For Rails Developers

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Yechiel Kalmenson

Talmudic Gems For Rails Developers

Sources, Citations, and Further Reading

  • What is the Talmud?

  • Appoint For Yourself A Mentor, And Acquire For Yourself A Companion - Avot 1:6

  • One who is timid cannot learn, nor can an impatient person teach - Avot 2:5

  • Chavruta:

  • just as iron blades, one sharpens the other, so too, when Torah scholars study together, they sharpen one another - Ta'anit 7a

  • Do Not Separate Yourself From The Community - Avot 2:4

  • One who reviews their studies one hundred times is not comparable to one who reviews their studies one hundred and one times - Chagigah 9b

  • I have learned much from my teachers.. but from my students I have learned more than from all of them - Ta'anit 7a

  • Just as a small piece of wood ignites a larger piece, so too, junior scholars sharpen their seniors - Ta'anit 7a

  • Acquire for yourself Let a pen be your companion - Hayom Yom 14 Menachem Av

  • Conversation beween Turnus Rufus and Rabbi Akiva - Bava Batra 10a

  • Parable of the boat - Vayikra Rabbah 4:6

  • It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it - Avot 2:16

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