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Mark Hutter

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Can ActiveStorage Serve Images for the Modern Web?

It's a simple question: can ActiveStorage be used for image serving in your modern web apps? The answer is not so simple. Can it handle the speed requirements and size specifications of images that the modern web browsers deems as "fast"?

We'll look at the out-of-the-box approach ActiveStorage takes on asset serving, where it works well - resizing, usability, and security, and where we run into rough edges - image load times, CDN integration, and next gen image format storage. And then we'll look at one pattern working in production today.

Mark Hutter

I am 11 years into my career in the software development industry. This adventure has allowed me to pursue a range of technology specialties from SQL, Java, Ruby, Javascript, and Go. I am a husband and father, and there is nothing more important to me than family. I love food. All food. I have an eternal ongoing pursuit of the best quality audio experience I can find in headphones.

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