RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Anna Rankin

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Deeper Understanding & Better Communication through Art

Understanding new concepts and complex systems is hard. Explaining them? That's even harder.

Like anyone in a highly specialized career, software engineers may struggle to convey information concisely, confidently, and clearly to their technical and non-technical teammates. As a former illustrator and graphic designer, has found that visual art can be the key to both deeper understanding and clearer, more accessible communication. In this talk, we'll explore why the ability to clearly communicate is so vital to mastering a complex topic, how to choose the right abstractions to present to a specific audience, and how a different medium can provide a new lens through which to view a familiar topic.

Anna Rankin

As a tech lead, Anna spends her days at General Assembly helping a team of engineers deliver reliable, useful software that helps adults learn the skills they need to pursue a career that inspires them. Before transitioning to software, she was an undercover tech enthusiast working in roles ranging from graphic designer to ESL tutor — and even community relations for a small island! In her free time, she makes pixel art, designs punny stickers, and hangs out in dog parks with her pup.

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